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Wave Junction Filter Routing

In this video, Meta Function demonstrate filter routing on the Wave Junction, a Max For Live synthesizer developed in partnership with

The Wave Junction features three independent state variable filters, each with independent controls. Using filtering, you can remove frequencies fed from the raw harmonics of the oscillators and the noise sources in a technique akin to sculpture. Each filter shares similar controls that allow a myriad of features allowing for complex timbre shaping. Two of the filters allow complex routing of both oscillators and both noise sources. A third master filter allows adaptation of the overall timbre produced by the Wave Junction.

In this video oscillator one is routed to state variable filter one, configure as a 24dB 4 pole lowpass resonant filter. Oscilaltor two is routed to state varaiable filter two operating with a 24db 4 pole high pass resonant response. This creates an interesting bandpass mix of both oscillators. The balance of each filter is tweaked before state variable filter three is engaged that uses a resonant 24dB 4 pole transistor ladder response. Finally the modualtion matrix is used to route LFO 1 to the cutoff frequency of state variable filter 1, LFO 2 to the cutoff frequency of state variable filter 2 and LFO 3 to the cutoff frequency of state variable filter 3.

Watch at 720p with good quality audio monitoring for the best experience.

Meta Function developed the Max For Live synthesizer, the Wave Junction in partnership with A four voice paraphonic synth with 2 multi-mode osc, three multi-mode filters, 5 LFOs, 5 Envs and a 12 slot modulation matrix.

You can buy it from Sonicstate right here for £19.95:

Note: Ableton Live 9.6.1 and Max4Live 7.2.2 required.

For more info see:


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