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RSF Kobol Xpander Oscillator Modulation

In this video, Meta Function demonstrate oscillator modulation on a RSF Kobol Xpander I & II.

The Kobol features continuous morphing of the oscillators waveshapes. Oscillator one is modulated via a triangle LFO, with oscillator two modulated via the same LFO but with a S&H waveshape. The Kobol’s filter is a SSM2040, designed by Dave Rossum of E-mu Systems and used in the first 2 versions of the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5. The Kobol was used heavily on early Depeche Mode tracks and by the late great and dearly missed Fad Gadget.

Sequenced via a Sequentix Cirklon.

Audio recorded via Calrec S2 console and SSL convertors. All dry, no FX, EQ or compression. The only post production performed was normalization.

Watch at 1080p with good quality audio monitoring for the best experience.


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