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Roland SH5 Oscillator & Filter Tweaking

In this video, Meta Function demonstrate oscillator & filter modulation on a Roland SH5.

The SH5 is arguably the greatest mono synth Roland ever manufactured. The SH5 features two filters that run in parallel: a state variable 24dB diode ladder filter that can be modulated via a variety of sources and a static parametric 6db bandpass filter.

The bandpass filter is possibly the most chewy, knarly filter available on any synth and weirdly is not available on any other Roland synth (including the System 100). This puppy screams.

In this video oscillator one and two feature PWM via a triangle LFO. The state variable 24dB diode ladder filter is set to lowpass and is modulated via a S&H LFO. Due to the parallel filter topology, interesting timbres can be heard whilst the SVF is modulated by an LFO and the bandpass is tweaked by hand.

Sequenced via a Sequentix Cirklon.

Audio recorded via Calrec S2 console and SSL convertors. All dry, no FX, EQ or compression. The only post production performed was normalization.

Watch at 1080p with good quality audio monitoring for the best experience.


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