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Learn How To Make Your Own Max For Live Devices

Max for Live not only powers some of the instruments and devices in Live Suite, it’s also a platform to build your own instruments, effects and tools. If you’ve ever wondered how or where to start exploring the creative potential of Max for Live, check out this beginner’s masterclass with Meta Function founder and Ableton Certified Trainer Phelan Kane.

Created with our partners Ableton, Computer Music and Music Radar, in this comprehensive video Meta Function takes you step by step through the basics of building, fine-tuning and using your own Max for Live device

In an accompanying video, Ableton Product Specialist and fellow Certified Trainer, Jesse Abayomi has created a full track made entirely of Max for Live devices and will show you how the whole thing was created:

Watch the videos above or visit or for more info and to download the final M4L device or Jesse’s demo project.

Happy patching!


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