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Meta Function is proud to present the The Wave Weld, an algorithmic wavetable generator designed to create wavetables for any wavetable synthesis device. This includes Meta Function’s flagship paraphonic hybrid synth, The Wave Junction, Ableton’s Wavetable device or other leading wavetable based devices. The Wave Weld is completely free. Please note Live 10.1 is needed to upload wavetables to Ableton’s Wavetable device.


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Wave Weld

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  • The Wave Weld is a Max for Live device and therefore a version of Ableton Live Suite or Live Standard with the Max For Live extension is needed. It is recommended that Ableton Live version 10.1 and above is used, on Macintosh and PC. An installation of Max version 8.0.2 is required but a full license of Max is not needed to use the Wave Junction. You will need approximately 1MB of free hard disk space.


    NOTE: The Wave Weld is not a traditional instrument. It is designed to create and render to disk custom made wavetables for use in compatible wavetable based devices and not to be used in a typical production scenario as a virtual instrument.

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