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The Multi-band Junction is a Linkwitz Riley Multi-output Crossover free Max For Live Device built for Ableton Live 10. One of the great new features in Live 10 is the ability to have multiple audio I/O within Max For Live devices. In other words, Max for Live devices now support multiple audio inputs and outputs, which can be accessed via the track’s Input and Output Channel choosers. Devices can also be routed to arbitrary tracks via the Live API. This opens up a world of possibilities for multi-channel processing and mixing. One possibility is to use Gen to build an audio crossover via a Linkwitz Riley filter network, then route each audio band to a separate audio track for further processing. In this blog post we will explore how the new L10 M4L multiple audio I/O was used in the Multi-band Junction, a cool tool that offers unique sound design possibilities.


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Multi-band Junction

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  • In order to use the Multi-band Junction a copy of Ableton Live 10 is needed. As the device is a Max for Live Device, Ableton Live Suite or Live Standard with the Max For Live extension is needed, on Macintosh and PC. The Multi-band Junction will not work in Live 9. L10 has been released! Visit Ableton for more info.

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