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Presented in partnership with Sonicstate, the Mono Junction allows you to create searing leads, cutting basses and resonant sequences. The Mono Junction can take your tone into new sonic territories. Featuring a novel NegSawPW waveshape, extended pulse width modulation sounds are easily created. Two saw waves are offset one by half cycle and subtracted from each other. This results in PWM style sounds not possible with conventional means via phase shift and frequency ratio controls. These allow you to create extreme PWM and detuned sounds.


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Mono Junction

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  • The Mono Junctions is a Max for Live device and therefore a version of both Ableton Live and Max For Live is needed. It is recommended that Ableton Live version 9.6.1 and above is used, on Macintosh and PC. An installation of Max version 7.2.3 is required but a full license of Max is not needed to use the Mono Junction. You will need approximately 4MB of free hard disk space. The Mono Junction is a light device, and usage count may vary depending on how the synthesiser is configured.

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